The staff at Fitzgerald Autobody have extensive experience with the insurance industry and know how to best provide a vehicle assessment for timely processing of your claim.


When an accident happens, it is often confusing trying figure out who to contact and when. Fitzgerald Autobody understands the inconvenience, as well as the financial and emotional impact, of having your vehicle off the road. To help you understand the process of getting your vehicle repaired through an insurance claim, we have provided a step-by-step explanation of the procedure.


1. Vehicle accident – when in a collision with another you must stop, check if anyone is hurt and render assistance to any injured person. If someone is hurt you must report the accident to the police within 24 hours.


2. Ring your insurance company – You must first advise your insurance company that you have been in an accident and the details thereof. You will be provided with a claim number.


3. Bring vehicle in to our workshop – If the vehicle cannot be driven instruct the tow truck driver to bring the vehicle to our workshop.


4. Initial assessment – Our qualified staff will assess the damage to your vehicle, take digital photos if required by your insurance company and provide an estimate for repairs.


5. Claim processing – The estimate and damage assessment will be forwarded to the claims department of your insurance company who will liaise with the repairer on the best repair solution for your claim. Your insurance company with then contact you once a claim is approved.

6. Repair time arranged – Contact our workshop to organise a convenient time for your vehicle to be repaired. We will advise of the estimated repair time and can provide a courtesy vehicle if arranged.

7. Repairs carried out and quality checked – Should more be required than estimated to complete the repairs we will contact you to advise. We then complete a pre-delivery quality check to ensure everything has been completed to the highest standard.

8. Vehicle available - We will contact you to advise you vehicle is ready to be collected. If applicable, you should be ready to pay your excess directly to our workshop when you pick up your vehicle.